Business Cards

Photo Source: LawMarketing Blog The skill of organization seeps into all areas of life! Professionally and even personally, business cards can be useful… if you use them correctly. When you receive a business card, the first order of business is to write on the card itself: 1. Where you met the person, 2. Quick jots of what you spoke about, and 3. Any characteristics or pointers that could jog your memory later on. Usually we put business cards in our pockets and pull them out later trying to remember where we met someone, who they were, and why we were
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Toys Toys Toys

Many of our clients with children complain of too many toys. While organizing them might be a job left to the experts (call us!), there is something you can do to stop the madness in the mean time. Have conversations with the people closest to your family. Let them know that the toys are about to take over the house and strangle you! Be light about it but ask them to refrain from buying more for your kids. Ask them to, if they are so inspired: get experiences for the kids take them somewhere have them over for a sleepover
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Too many ideas, too little time

Are you planning some changes to your home? Maybe a reorganization here or a restyle there? The best and most successful place to start is with an idea book. Are you… Tech savvy:  Pinterest! Its the perfect platform for finding great ideas for your space online and pinning them to a virtual bulletin board. Pin color schemes, specific pieces of furniture, and accent ideas. Super Organized: A Binder! Grab yourself a binder with dividers and plastic sheet covers. Print out pictures and cut out of magazines to compile the ideas that you love. Creatively Messy: A Bulletin Board! If you get
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Planning a Family Event

Most of us have been there… Suddenly finding ourselves as the hosts of the next family gathering. What do you first?! How can you ever clean your house? Here are a few steps/tips for staying sane during your next family gathering. If you are in a pinch and its stressing you out, call Haute Move! Yes, we can do that too! Make a list and make it somewhere you’ll remember it – in your agenda book, on your phone, etc. Write down all of the things you have to do (clean kitchen, buy toilet paper…). That way the list isn’t
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