Looking Back At Your New Years Goals

Remember our post on setting some organizing New Year’s goals? Find it here: http://www.hautemove.com/setting-new-years-goals/ ‎ Now is a great time to revisit your New Year’s goals! Don’t just look at what you did or didn’t do — that can be depressing! Think about these things: What did you set out to do? What did you accomplish? Both things on your list of goals and new items! How can you learn from this list to better set goals for yourself next year? Priority listing, realistic expectations, and smaller goals to accomplish bigger goals are all things that may help.   “The real man
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Organizing Kids Clothes

Organizing kids clothes can be a real hassle. They are small and tend to get lost both in the dresser and in the wash … and around the house or for that matter. Dressers are often just drawers stuffed with all sorts of things. An alternative idea is a shelf with tupperware. The tupperware can be various sizes to fit the contents (larger bin for sweatshirts and jackets, smaller bin for socks or tights, etc.). This can be a great way to keep things organized as well as introduce your little person to organizing and cleaning early!   “It’s better
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