Preparing the Holidays

Set yourself up for success! As you pull out years of decorations and maybe buy some new ones, give yourself an early present and invest in holiday organization. There is no better time to see what you have and how to organize it all than when it is all out. Here are some amazing holiday decorations organizing that might be a gift worth giving this year… Homemade organization for ornaments (smaller cups work as well): Store-bought organization for ornaments:  Homemade organization for lights: Store-bought organization for lights:  Garland 
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Once a Year To Do’s

There are a few tasks that are worth doing once a year (and don’t necessarily need to happen more than that)… Here are some of our suggestions (with one rule: If you haven’t used it in 2 years, seriously think of getting rid of it): Clean out your closet: go through all clothes and shoes and accessories. donate, toss, and rearrange to better fit uses. Purge your kitchen/pantry: food (expired) utensils gadgets Clean your cabinets (inside and out). Go through your storage closet. Purge your files.   “If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try.” –
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The Half-Life of Boxes

Moving soon? About to face the ol’ box issue? Here are some tips re: boxes that you might want to know… Keeping boxes from a move is a great idea IF you fit the following requirements: The only boxes you keep are in great shape (sturdy, not bent/folded, and a useful size). You have space for the boxes (under a bed or in the back of a closet). You anticipate moving again within 5 years. If you need boxes, check the following places for free boxes: Liquor stores (great for boxes that are the perfect size for books) Local Restaurants
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