Your Workout Stuff

Do you have items for a home gym but no home gym area? What do you do with these things and how can they be accessible but look good … or be hidden? Here are a few ideas:   Peg board or store front wall Shelves, shelves, shelves. Repurpose a front hall bench
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Books: Decor and Content

Books can be an awesome way to accessorize a room. A bookshelf adds warmth, interest, personality, and color. Did you know there are a number of ways to display books? Check out some ideas below! Organize by color:  Leave some empty space: Toss in some cool items that aren’t books:  Some books up, some books down helps break up the monotony: 
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Wall Decals

Looking for a new wow-factor? Looking to freshen up a room or space without having to paint? Check out the amount of wall decals they make now! Its so impressive and fun… check out these two we did for some clients recently.   “Never stop smiling.” – Snoopy
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