Wall Decals

Looking for a new wow-factor? Looking to freshen up a room or space without having to paint? Check out the amount of wall decals they make now! Its so impressive and fun… check out these two we did for some clients recently.   “Never stop smiling.” – Snoopy
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A Little Vintage Decor

Vintage things are all the rage these days. Designer stores like Anthropology make old things look so cool! But do you feel like that when you try the things just look, well, old? Here are some clever ideas that you can try out for yourself and put together yourself to get you started on your own vintage wonderland. Old suitcases (doesn’t matter if they are broken!) turned into a side table. Get old toys and some wood and spray paint it all one color for some fun and playful bookends.  Get old tennis rackets and some oval mirrors cut to
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Bathroom Updates

HauteMove was recently called in to help renovate 2 different clients’ bathrooms. These sorts of overhauls and complete re-envisioning jobs are so fun! Check out the first one below! Notice how big a difference the lighting and colors made! Also, check out the subtle lifting of the sink and tub with feet rather than flat front bases! Much more modern and light. BEFORE   AFTER  
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3 Items for Below Your Bathroom Sink

The space below your bathroom sink (or in that bathroom cabinet) can be a scary one. Take some time to organize that stuff and your mornings and evenings with be so much smoother!! Here are three items that we find to complete that space perfectly. Try them out and see if they work for you. Sliding drawers. These can be metal or plastic, they can be screwed into the cabinet or just slide in… whatever way you choose, having drawers that can house all of those little items involved with toiletry is essential. Clear containers. Whenever possible, use clear containers
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A New Home Transformed Part2

The next installment of before and afters are here! This time we are showing you the master bath redo first and then a variety of rooms in the house. Enjoy! Master Bath Before   Master Bath After   Miscellaneous Rooms Before   Miscellaneous Rooms After   “A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.” -Amelia Earhart
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A New Use for Towel Bars

Does your space have limited storage but a good amount of wall space? Or maybe your bathroom has an unusually large number of towel bars? Or maybe you’re just going to love this look and have to include it somewhere…   We saw these baskets hooked onto towel bars and loved it! Its a simple and beautiful way to get more storage space. It would be a fantastic way to divide up bathroom things for kids, roommates, or guests. If your basket contents are private or messy, get a basket with a lid (found a surprising number of places). And
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Basement Drab to Fab

HauteMove recently took a basement from drab to fab! The basement was originally renovated as a suite for the owners parents.  This wasn’t of any use anymore and we turned it into a fantastic modern space with amenities like a bar and pool table. See the before and afters below! BEFORE AFTER All of the cabinetry in the gorgeous finished bar was custom designed by Kleppinger Design who we use all the time! Love them! New rubber flooring, recessed lights and mirrors.   And, of course, the new updated bathroom. “We do not remember days, we remember moments.” – Cesare Pavese
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Explosion of Linens

We were recently called in by a client who’s linen closet had exploded. Ok, not literally but when we got there you could not see anything but mounds of white sheet, towel, and blanket parts. It was quite a large closet. We took everything out, discarded old sheets, towels, etc. and put it back together again. When their oldest son came home from school and saw the closet, he was amazed.  He raced into his room and started organizing his closet! Glad we could be inspirational! BEFORE   AFTER   “When nothing goes right… go left.” – Anonymous 
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