Our client has collected alcohol for many years and asked us to create a bar that was functional and displayed their amazing collection.  The wish list was a bar that was warm and inviting, lots of bottle storage, space for a kegerator, dishwasher, ice maker, commercial refrigerator, ample counter space and room to sit and enjoy.  We used every inch of the room that we could and in the end…success!  Our client is thrilled and can’t wait for family and friends to enjoy and monthly tastings to begin.  Here are a few before and after pics.
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Books: Decor and Content

Books can be an awesome way to accessorize a room. A bookshelf adds warmth, interest, personality, and color. Did you know there are a number of ways to display books? Check out some ideas below! Organize by color:  Leave some empty space: Toss in some cool items that aren’t books:  Some books up, some books down helps break up the monotony: 
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Wall Decals

Looking for a new wow-factor? Looking to freshen up a room or space without having to paint? Check out the amount of wall decals they make now! Its so impressive and fun… check out these two we did for some clients recently.   “Never stop smiling.” – Snoopy
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Preparing the Holidays

Set yourself up for success! As you pull out years of decorations and maybe buy some new ones, give yourself an early present and invest in holiday organization. There is no better time to see what you have and how to organize it all than when it is all out. Here are some amazing holiday decorations organizing that might be a gift worth giving this year… Homemade organization for ornaments (smaller cups work as well): Store-bought organization for ornaments:  Homemade organization for lights: Store-bought organization for lights:  Garland 
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Teen Bedroom Makeover

We all love a good before and after post! Here are a few fun pictures from a recent makeover. This is a teen’s girls bedroom. Our clients recently moved from Florida which is always hard on teenage children so they wanted to create a special room for her! She loves to do art, loved the idea of lights around her room, and wanted to make her bedroom feel more grown up. We collected branches from the forest, washed them and sprayed them. We then suspended them from the ceiling and wove lights throughout.  We removed the large bed frame, moved
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Oversized Kitchen Seating? Yes, Please!

One of our clients recently moved into a lovely condo but it was impossible to fit all of her oversized furniture in the smaller living room. There is a kitchen eating area but she has no plans to buy a dinette set since she has a dining room right outside the kitchen. So where can we put an extra comfy chair? In the kitchen, of course! A great little spot to have coffee and read the paper… or catch up on Instagram. BEFORE AFTER
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A Little Vintage Decor

Vintage things are all the rage these days. Designer stores like Anthropology make old things look so cool! But do you feel like that when you try the things just look, well, old? Here are some clever ideas that you can try out for yourself and put together yourself to get you started on your own vintage wonderland. Old suitcases (doesn’t matter if they are broken!) turned into a side table. Get old toys and some wood and spray paint it all one color for some fun and playful bookends.  Get old tennis rackets and some oval mirrors cut to
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Shelf Displays in Your Home

Shelving can be a huge bonus in a room but it can also be quite tricky. If you have shelving that you don’t know what to do with, check out these visuals for some inspiration! Books can go any which way…   2. Lean some framed pictures (or records) in there instead of hanging them!     3. Add something living! Like fish or plants…   4. Use shelves for something other than what you might expect…   5. Group collections or shapes or colors together for a nice visual punch.   6. And don’t be afraid to leave blank
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The Holidays

Well, the ultimate crazy season is here. We’ve gotten through another Thanksgiving, maybe feeling a little tighter in our pants, and have the holidays fully bearing down on us! Don’t fret! We here at HauteMove do holiday decorating! We are full service when it comes to the holidays. We can unpack your decorations or purchase the style or theme you want and create your ideal winter wonderland in your home. we can even go get your tree and put it up for you. From simple to modern to over the top, we love to deck the halls! If you are
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3 Steps To A Visual Punch

Organizing can make your space neat and clean but it can also make it beautiful. Sometimes our clients think that by organizing a space, you make it less interesting or personal. But organized spaces don’t have to be sterile! If you have a bunch of one thing, i.e. a collection, you can still be organized.   We often see collections or multiples of something spread all around the house. In doing this, they lose impact and things look cluttered. Don’t do it.  Instead, gather your collection or multiples and group them together in an area that can showcase the repetition and color blocking
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