Books: Decor and Content

Books can be an awesome way to accessorize a room. A bookshelf adds warmth, interest, personality, and color. Did you know there are a number of ways to display books? Check out some ideas below! Organize by color:  Leave some empty space: Toss in some cool items that aren’t books:  Some books up, some books down helps break up the monotony: 
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Shelf Displays in Your Home

Shelving can be a huge bonus in a room but it can also be quite tricky. If you have shelving that you don’t know what to do with, check out these visuals for some inspiration! Books can go any which way…   2. Lean some framed pictures (or records) in there instead of hanging them!     3. Add something living! Like fish or plants…   4. Use shelves for something other than what you might expect…   5. Group collections or shapes or colors together for a nice visual punch.   6. And don’t be afraid to leave blank
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An Amazing Organizational Solution!

A recent client had an upstairs landing area that just cried out for good use of that huge space. They called in HauteMove and we worked with Julie from Kleppinger Design to design a bookcase system. Here is the large space before:         After the redesign, we created a space that is so usable and so beautiful! It is great for files/storage and it is a peaceful space to relax and read a book. We are very excited for our clients! “Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness.” – Brené Brown
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Organizing Books: Let Me Take a “Shelfie”

Are your book shelves picture worthy? Would you Instagram a shelf or two? Whether its your books, kids books, or random shelves of random things, here are a few “Shelfie” woes and some ideas to help tackle them: Too much blank space: – Lay books down on their sides as the “bookends” to other books. – Add frames (full or empty!) to the shelves to fill space and give interest without having too many little fillers. Lots of Things AND Books: – Group like-items together rather than spreading them out all over the shelves. Put smaller collections of things in
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Gorgeous Move-In Before and Afters!

Beautiful before and after shots from a recent move-in! Oh, how satisfying!   BEDROOM BEFORE BEDROOM AFTER BATHROOM AFTER LIVING ROOM & FAMILY ROOM BEFORE LIVING ROOM AND FAMILY ROOM AFTER     KITCHEN BEFORE   KITCHEN AFTER OFFICE BEFORE OFFICE AFTER “Don’t forget: we are all turkeys in the same emotional soup, trying to make sense of our emotional lives as they unfold, doing the best we can, and making mistakes.” – from Hold Me Tight
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