It’s Time to Thin Out Your Closet! Ready for the Challenge?

So many people have problems thinning out their closets and have clothes hanging in there that they haven’t worn for years. “I’m going to lose weight and fit into those jeans I wore 6 years ago” or “I love that dress…I’m sure it will come back in style” are just a couple of reasons. If you are ready to start the challenge here is a simple tip:

Step 1: You probably have your hangers facing in the same direction but if you don’t it’s time to start.

STEP 2: Invert all the hangers so they are all facing the opposite direction.

STEP 3: After you have worn an item of clothing hang it back up the way you would normally do. This way the clothes that you wear will be hung the normal way and the clothes you don’t wear will be inverted.

At the end of the season you will easily be able to target the items you haven’t worn. Now it’s time to ”Donate or Discard”

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