Post-Holiday Purge

Recovering from the holidays can be quite a job. Here are THREE tips to help you get through this first month in the new year after a whirlwind of events and gifts!

  1. Edit your closet: Did you get new clothes or shoes or accessories? Before putting those new things away, check to see if there are any old items you can get rid of first! Let the new things take their place rather than just stuffing more in.
  2. Go through envelopes and Christmas cards: As you toss the holiday paper items, check for addresses and add them to your address book. This makes those thank you cards, holiday cards, and contacts much easier. Once you’ve done that, toss all the cards. Only save those which are very meaningful to you.
  3. Get returns done fast: Do the returns now. Having things laying around only promotes more things laying around. Plus, some items will not be returnable after a certain amount of time and then you are stuck with it.
  4. Write those thank you notes: Knock out one or two a night and you will be finished in no time. Get them done and in the mail – you and the receiver will feel great!


“Tough situations build strong people.” 

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